Category: sky

The Moon


The moon doesn't occupy a huge amount of space in this image, but it is the focus. What would the web look like if sites varied in size much more? Tiny little pages with just a few elements on or huge pages that you have to scroll like mad find anything.

Misty sky


There are a few things I particularly like about this image. But the one element that would translate well to web design is the way the colours change as they get further away. They become more muted and cooler. This could definitely be used when looking to emphasise certain elements.

View and Water


In this image I find myself wanting to walk all the way to the water in the distance. It would be a beautiful and varied journey. I'd be walking through forests, fields and maybe a few towns too. Often with websites we want visitors to go on a journey too. Can we make it varied, exciting and beautiful but keep it all part of the same journey?

Wind Turbines


I'm a big fan of wind turbines. I love how they look, but I'm sure they weren't designed to be graceful additions to the skyline. They were designed for function and it just turns out they look elegant too. I think that makes their elegance more honest too.

Grass & Clouds


Green grass and fluffy clouds. It's such a summer combination, and some pretty strong colours. How would a site feel if it was based on a season of the year?