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Free Texture Series 31


Part of the texture series. Each of these images highlights a texture to inspire your web design. Try to think beyond the obvious when using them. You can download all the free high resolution texture images here and use them in your next project.

Rock Ledge


I know this just looks like a rock to you. But I climbed across this little ledge every time I went to sit by the sea. It has memories embedded into it for me. It's a lovely feeling knowing that these rocks won't change – not while I'm alive anyway. There is comfort in the familiar. You can trust it. How can this concept be pulled into web design? What does that look like?

View and Water


In this image I find myself wanting to walk all the way to the water in the distance. It would be a beautiful and varied journey. I'd be walking through forests, fields and maybe a few towns too. Often with websites we want visitors to go on a journey too. Can we make it varied, exciting and beautiful but keep it all part of the same journey?

Chair & Beach


There's an incredible calm and simplicity at a stony beach. Sky, sea & stones. Different textures but balanced so well. A pretty minimal design in some ways.