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There are a couple of elements I like in this image. Firstly, the way adjusting the exposure makes you look at something in a new way. And I love the space. If you were to take a website design and adjust the exposure, how would that look? What if the user could adjust the exposure to highlight different elements?

The Moon


The moon doesn't occupy a huge amount of space in this image, but it is the focus. What would the web look like if sites varied in size much more? Tiny little pages with just a few elements on or huge pages that you have to scroll like mad find anything.

Misty sky


There are a few things I particularly like about this image. But the one element that would translate well to web design is the way the colours change as they get further away. They become more muted and cooler. This could definitely be used when looking to emphasise certain elements.

Tree Branches Silhouette


Two colours – grey and black, but so much detail. How can we distill down a website's design but keep everything that's important? How far could we go when it comes to simplifying a design?

Subtle Sunset


You know all those HDR landscape photos with colours that no human has ever seen before? Well I'm a bit bored of them. They've been Photoshopped to death. And at the same time I think they've lost their soul. They're certainly not subtle. But this photo really is. It may not scream at you or blow your mind, but it grows on you.



To me this track feels really crisp and clean but has soul and warmth too. Websites aren't always great at this. Crisp and clean is pretty common but combined with warmth is harder. What elements does this track have that make this work?

Tourist Detination

Thanks again Death to the Stock Photo for this cracking image

I think a lot of websites feel like busy tourist destinations, especially ecommerce sites. I guess its obvious really – they often have to cater for a huge range of people. But it does feel a bit soulless. So what if an ecommerce site could feel like when you turn up at a tourist destination really early or in the dead of winter. There's something more special about this. There's no one else there, it's quiet, it's more intimate.

Nikon EM


This film SLR (Nikon EM) feels fantastic to hold. It has buttons that are tactile, clunky and solid. On the whole you wouldn't describe using a website in the same way. But is there a way to make a site feel more like this? Plus, the whole camera is only in black and white but looks great. Different textures and shapes but always black and white – which could work great online.



A bubble is beautifully transparent yet it's clear to see its shape. How can this be applied to elements on a web page? How can a section be defined while still being transparent?

Chair & Beach


There's an incredible calm and simplicity at a stony beach. Sky, sea & stones. Different textures but balanced so well. A pretty minimal design in some ways.