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Architecture Series 01

Thanks ISO Republic for the image

Web design inspired by architecture. Use this series to inspire your next web project. Things to think about: colour, texture, size, shape, detail, space, light, depth, emotion. What visual elements make this piece of architecture work? How would it feel to be there? How can this be transferred to a design for web?

The British Museum

Thanks ISO Republic for the photo

This is the British Museum. It's a fantastic place. This area of the museum is a glorious combination of old, new and light. What is it about visiting a museum that is better than visiting Wikipedia? And what can we take from that and put into our own designs?

Lisbon Buildings

Thanks again ISO Republic for the image

This image is full of potential inspirational starting points. It's got great colours, beautiful patterns and lovely details. The colour cast over the whole image is lovely too. What I really like is how all the white details tie it all together.

Coventry Cathedral


I used to live just opposite Coventry Cathedral when I was at university. It's a stunning building. The sense of scale was incredible. Inside the space is just so vast. How could a website feel massive in the same way? Is that even possible?

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