Web Design Inspiration, Not Imitation

Are you a little bored of almost every website looking the same? Logo and menu at the top, then a slider, then some welcome text and then a three column section. Home page done.

If we only ever look at websites for inspiration we'll just keep duplicating the same stuff. Maybe End The Echo can help. It's a place to inspire web design without ever showing you web design. Let's see if we can create more and copy less.

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Nikon EM


This film SLR (Nikon EM) feels fantastic to hold. It has buttons that are tactile, clunky and solid. On the whole you wouldn't describe using a website in the same way. But is there a way to make a site feel more like this? Plus, the whole camera is only in black and white but looks great. Different textures and shapes but always black and white – which could work great online.

Abstract light shapes


This is a very simple long exposure photo, but I love the depth in the image. This sense of depth comes from the thickness of the lines as well as the brightness of the line. Could a site use these principals to create hierarchy?



A bubble is beautifully transparent yet it's clear to see its shape. How can this be applied to elements on a web page? How can a section be defined while still being transparent?

Surprise in the ordinary


Is there a way that something very ordinary, like driving a car, can turn into something stunning and beautiful. On a site might the top half of the page look ordinary but under that a surprise or reward awaits. Or maybe the home page is the ordinary page and every other page is full of visual surprises.

Grass & Clouds


Green grass and fluffy clouds. It's such a summer combination, and some pretty strong colours. How would a site feel if it was based on a season of the year?

Chair & Beach


There's an incredible calm and simplicity at a stony beach. Sky, sea & stones. Different textures but balanced so well. A pretty minimal design in some ways.

Free Texture Series 17


Part of the texture series. Each of these images highlights a texture to inspire your web design. Try to think beyond the obvious when using them. You can download all the free high resolution texture images here and use them in your next project.

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