Web Design Inspiration, Not Imitation

Are you a little bored of almost every website looking the same? Logo and menu at the top, then a slider, then some welcome text and then a three column section. Home page done.

If we only ever look at websites for inspiration we'll just keep duplicating the same stuff. Maybe End The Echo can help. It's a place to inspire web design without ever showing you web design. Let's see if we can create more and copy less.

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Big Red Button

Thanks again ISO Republic

Now this is a button. Check out how beefy it looks. It's red made of metal and even says "Press Hard" on it. I don't have any idea what it does but this is a serious button. Online can we create buttons of different importance without just using size or colour? Also, it made me realise most buttons online have the text actually on the button. But in the real world this isn't always the case.

Poster Layers

Thanks ISO Republic for the photo

I love the way these posters are layered on top of each other. There is history there and intrigue. It's a shame in some ways when a site is refreshed or content is updated with no sign of what went before. Would adding this create a sense of history?


I know I've already featured this song but I love the video too. The camera movement at the beginning is great (I think they are called whip pans). But there are loads of great things to inspire: the colours, the lighting, the dancers' movement. My favourite shot is the one following Rae through the crowd at about 2:45.

Man In Shades

Thanks ISO Republic for the image

Websites have a character. And if websites were people I'm not sure you'd want to hang out with them very much. But what about this guy? What if your site was this guy.

Tourist Detination

Thanks again Death to the Stock Photo for this cracking image

I think a lot of websites feel like busy tourist destinations, especially ecommerce sites. I guess its obvious really – they often have to cater for a huge range of people. But it does feel a bit soulless. So what if an ecommerce site could feel like when you turn up at a tourist destination really early or in the dead of winter. There's something more special about this. There's no one else there, it's quiet, it's more intimate.

Finger Print Button


A lot of thought has gone into this simple button. It's textured to help when you press it. But the thing I notice about it is that the rings feel so similar to your own finger tips. I wonder whether on a subconscious level it just feels a bit more human than a smooth button. Maybe you connect with it just a tiny little bit more?

Use Paper

Another lovely image from Death to the Stock Photo

Some people sketch their initial design thoughts, others go straight to the computer. But what about if you got a bit more crafty? How would this affect things?

Blurry Water


Normally in web design we use colour or size to emphasise certain elements. But what if we used something else. The first thing you look at in this image is the centre, the area in focus. The blurred section become less important.


Cracking song by Rae Morris

In this song I love the contrast of the two vocals, even just in the first 20 seconds. There's a real symmetry to the start as well where they bounce back lyrics. All elements that could work well in a website design.

Two People

This fab photo is by Foster & Asher via Death to the Stock Photo

OK, so you've done some research for your client's site and you know there are going to be two types of visitors. Why not just split the site down the middle and they can each have a side?

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