Web Design Inspiration, Not Imitation

Are you a little bored of almost every website looking the same? Logo and menu at the top, then a slider, then some welcome text and then a three column section. Home page done.

If we only ever look at websites for inspiration we'll just keep duplicating the same stuff. Maybe End The Echo can help. It's a place to inspire web design without ever showing you web design. Let's see if we can create more and copy less.

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More fantastic videos from The Mahogany Sessions here

JP Cooper's voice is amazing. It's a cracking song and all his little vocal twists and turns keep you surprised. The song has a purpose and direction but there are little details along the way that are treats in themselves. This could definitely be explored in web design. The video is great too – all one take. Really nice.

Abstract Bubbles

You can download these free to use hi-res photos here

I really like this image. You can't quite tell what's going on but there's movement, a metallic quality in the bubbles and a lovely sense of depth.

Coventry Cathedral


I used to live just opposite Coventry Cathedral when I was at university. It's a stunning building. The sense of scale was incredible. Inside the space is just so vast. How could a website feel massive in the same way? Is that even possible?


More Food Tube videos can be found here

I love how simple this recipe is. It just has three ingredients, but it's all about getting it just right. It's simple but obsessive about the details at the same time. Website can often be the opposite – complex and lazy when it comes to the details. What would things look it they were simple but complex at the same time?

Lomo Camera

Thanks ISO Republic.com for the photo

The colours are fantastic on this camera. What I really love about it is that it doesn't look like a typical camera. What things can we change on a website to make it feel, well, a bit more fun?

Sunlight in forest


This photo is so intriguing. It makes you want to explore and step into that sunlit spot. How online can we draw visitors to a certain area without the obvious call to action buttons? Is everything dark apart from one element? How else?

10 Pixels


What if every element of your site had to have something that was ten pixels? The text, the buttons, the line widths. Would it create a forced style that somehow would all fit together. Sometimes creating a forced constraint can really help.

Spider Web


The geometric shapes created by a spider are amazing. It's a fantastic example of form following function. From a purely visual point the web created by a spider is so fine, I just love it. Well done little spider.



To me this track feels really crisp and clean but has soul and warmth too. Websites aren't always great at this. Crisp and clean is pretty common but combined with warmth is harder. What elements does this track have that make this work?


Soul Pancake do loads of these cool videos

How can you make your site's visitors feel like this? What makes all those people smile? Is it the kittens or is it the surprise? Or both?

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