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Taxi 2

Thanks ISO Republic for the photo

In this series we're using the same image but using different methods to get inspiration from it... It feels like early morning in this photo. So what about if a site changed as the day went on. Maybe morning people are looking for different things to evening people? Could the site get darker as the evening comes? Or maybe different content is presented at different times?

Dunlop Green Flash


Every few months I buy another pair of my favourite shoes: Dunlop Green Flash. They get pretty worn out. What would a website look like if every time someone clicked something it degraded a bit? Would it make it easier for people to see where to go because other people have been there already?

Old Phones


Do you remember those old phones with buttons? Real buttons. I fired up my old Nokia 3310 the other day and I couldn't believe how responsive it was. It was so fast! It made me want to get rid of all the animations sliding or fading in and out. Just give me the information. Now.

Colour Inspiration 4


Part of our colour inspiration series. All images are intentionally out of focus photos.

Blue Havana

Thanks ISO Republic for the image

What a car. It's got plenty of character, colour and chrome. Imagine getting into it. Everything would be different compared to a more typical modern car. The experience would be amazing. Is a better experience always about an easier or more refined experience?

Cereal morning routine


I have cereal almost every day. It's a routine and habit now. How can a website become a routine? Is it only live for certain periods of the day? I actually would quite like that, especially for news. And surely that would be loads better for the people creating content.

Abstract Bubbles

You can download these free to use hi-res photos here

I really like this image. You can't quite tell what's going on but there's movement, a metallic quality in the bubbles and a lovely sense of depth.