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There are a couple of elements I like in this image. Firstly, the way adjusting the exposure makes you look at something in a new way. And I love the space. If you were to take a website design and adjust the exposure, how would that look? What if the user could adjust the exposure to highlight different elements?

The British Museum

Thanks ISO Republic for the photo

This is the British Museum. It's a fantastic place. This area of the museum is a glorious combination of old, new and light. What is it about visiting a museum that is better than visiting Wikipedia? And what can we take from that and put into our own designs?

Abstract Lights


I can't even remember what this photo is of, but I like the colours. The midtones are the area I especially like where the purples come out and the little bit of green. I also quite like the random light on the left hand side – it makes it feel less pristine.