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Gennaro Contaldo does loads of great videos here is his channel

Firstly, I just need to say how amazing Gennaro is. His enthusiasm is fantastic. I love his videos and so do my two boys.

The title of the cooking video is "How To Get Kids Eating Vegetables". And the key to it is hiding what the kids don't want to eat. Online there are loads of things people hate to do (forms spring to mind), so how can we hide them or trick people into doing them without the pain? A little bit at a time with treats in between? How else?


More Food Tube videos can be found here

I love how simple this recipe is. It just has three ingredients, but it's all about getting it just right. It's simple but obsessive about the details at the same time. Website can often be the opposite – complex and lazy when it comes to the details. What would things look it they were simple but complex at the same time?