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Taxi 2

Thanks ISO Republic for the photo

In this series we're using the same image but using different methods to get inspiration from it... It feels like early morning in this photo. So what about if a site changed as the day went on. Maybe morning people are looking for different things to evening people? Could the site get darker as the evening comes? Or maybe different content is presented at different times?

Rock Ledge


I know this just looks like a rock to you. But I climbed across this little ledge every time I went to sit by the sea. It has memories embedded into it for me. It's a lovely feeling knowing that these rocks won't change – not while I'm alive anyway. There is comfort in the familiar. You can trust it. How can this concept be pulled into web design? What does that look like?

Picking Raspberries


We grow raspberries in our garden. To see the ripe ones it helps to get really low and look up at the plant so that the leaves don't obscure your view. How online can we encourage users to move around to look at something from a different angle to find what they're looking forward?

Polaroid Camera


I bought this camera from a charity shop for £4. What I didn't realise is that the film costs £20. But I have really enjoyed taking photos with it. I like the fact that the photos I take with it are only in one place. It makes them precious and unique. The web rarely feels like that. But how could that change? Are pages only visible for a limited time? Just a few seconds? Or something else?

Low res PNG


I've intentionally saved this image as a low-res PNG. It creates a completely different feel to a hi-res JPG. It feels a little like film with the grain and a bit like a painting because of the limited colours. What would a site look like if all the images were pushed to the limit of compression for style reasons rather than function reasons?

Dunlop Green Flash


Every few months I buy another pair of my favourite shoes: Dunlop Green Flash. They get pretty worn out. What would a website look like if every time someone clicked something it degraded a bit? Would it make it easier for people to see where to go because other people have been there already?

Random Objects


What I like about this image is that every object feels like it has a story. All together they look both random and intriguing at the same time. I want to know the story behind each item. Maybe a home page could work like this. Each element is intriguing but doesn't actually say a lot. It says just enough.

Cereal morning routine


I have cereal almost every day. It's a routine and habit now. How can a website become a routine? Is it only live for certain periods of the day? I actually would quite like that, especially for news. And surely that would be loads better for the people creating content.



Queuing is part of life. Well, it is here in the UK – supposedly we love it so much we would do it just for fun. The web is much better at handling crowds. Loads of people can access the same thing at the same time. But maybe we could ask people to queue? It would create more anticipation and more intrigue.



Not being able to see so much when driving causes you to pay more attention. Danger is potentially nearer and you slow down. I certainly find it less pleasant but I am more alert. Is there ever a time to make a website harder to use for the sake of making it more memorable?

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