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Lamborghini Race Car

Thanks ISO Republic for the photo

Cars are a great thing to compare websites to and get inspiration from. They have so many elements that have to function correctly (wheels, doorhandles, engines) but they also need to look great. This Lambo has some serious attitude.

Blue Havana

Thanks ISO Republic for the image

What a car. It's got plenty of character, colour and chrome. Imagine getting into it. Everything would be different compared to a more typical modern car. The experience would be amazing. Is a better experience always about an easier or more refined experience?



We get starlings in our garden, lots of starlings. We chuck out bread for them and they demolish it. When I was a kid my mum used to call them rowdy teenagers. They have a certain "I don't care what you think and I'm going to make a lot of noise" attitude. If a website adopted this attitude how would it affect the visual style?


More fantastic videos from The Mahogany Sessions here

JP Cooper's voice is amazing. It's a cracking song and all his little vocal twists and turns keep you surprised. The song has a purpose and direction but there are little details along the way that are treats in themselves. This could definitely be explored in web design. The video is great too – all one take. Really nice.

Man In Shades

Thanks ISO Republic for the image

Websites have a character. And if websites were people I'm not sure you'd want to hang out with them very much. But what about this guy? What if your site was this guy.